Saturday, 7 January 2012

Picture Perfect

  1. River City Extension - Letter To Lainie (featuring Glenn Tilbrook)
  2. Soft Hearted Scientists- Eyes
  3. Sundelles - Kiss The Coast
  4. Cults - Go Outside (Menahan Street Band Remix)
  5. Tunng - Woodcat
  6. The Ruling Class - Flowers
  7. Strawberry Whiplash - Picture Perfect
  8. Jeremy Messersmith - Dillinger Eyes
  9. Math And Physics Club - Movie Ending Romance
  10. Candie Payne - Take Me
  11. The Like - Fair Game
  12. Neighbors - Friends
  13. The Hollow Men - Thanks to the Rolling Sea
  14. Joe Jackson - I'm The Man
  15. Oingo Boingo - Ain't This The Life
  16. Zalman Yanovsky - As Long As You're Here
  17. The Dukes of Stratosphear - Braniac's Daughter
  18. The Mamas & The Papas - Go Where You Wanna Go
  19. Gomez - Options
  20. No Kids - For Halloween
  21. The Rosebuds - Kicks In The Schoolyard
  22. My Toys Like Me - Sweetheart
  23. The Real Tuesday Weld - Me & Mr Wolf
  24. Jens Lekman - Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo
An alt-dj collaboration between myself and Patrick (Nuclear Wasteheads). Completed in October 2011, and finally posted today (the first day in months it seems where I don't have to do anything, as opposed to having anything to do). Hopefully Patrick will chip in with a few words in the next day or so..

It all began with Glenn Tilbrook's birthday. Sam posted about this on Facebook along with the video for 'Up The Junction' (in my opinion the best pop song ever). From there, Sam contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in alt-djing with him, no rush, casual pace. As Sam is the creator of my all time favourite mix (the beautiful Carnaby Chic) I jumped at the chance.

And so it began. My first offering was a nod to Mr Tilbrook (whose anniversary of his nativity sparked this project) and from there it took off. Yes, there were fits and starts from both sides of the Atlantic, as 'life' seemed to get in the way of what we all wish we could do twenty-four hours a day. The deliberate pace, however, was a blessing in that (for my part at least) it allowed me to really think about what song to choose, as well as the joyous anticipation of what was coming next!

A blast to make, and though it took a while to come together, worth the wait..


dj trish said...

This looks Cool!Trish

Anonymous said...

Nicely done - thanks

Pyśka. ♥ said...

Fajnie tu . Zapraszam do mnie . :)

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