Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Breaking It Down

  1. Lucky Elephant - Reverend Tilsley & His Magic Lantern
  2. Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir - Medley
  3. The Mummers - Fade Away (The Time & Space Machine Mix)
  4. Brent Cash - Just Like Today
  5. Los Ginkas - Sol Sal Ya!!! (Con las Astrogirls)
  6. Miniature Tigers - Last Night's Fake Blood
  7. The Bards - Moses
  8. Key - I'd Really Go For A Lady
  9. Goldfrapp - Caravan Girl
  10. Olivia Newton-John - What Is Life
  11. The Boy Least Likely To - The One That I Want
  12. The Cortinas - Phoebe's Flower Shoppe
  13. Brown Recluse - Monday Moon
  14. Little Majorette - Overflow
  15. The Lackloves - On My Way
  16. Oregon Bike Trails - Swimsuit
  17. Frank Ciampi - Little Girl
  18. Sara Lowes - Something I Don't Know
  19. Generationals - When They Fight, They Fight
  20. Starbuck - I Got To Know
  21. The Monkees - Dream World (Stereo LP Mix)
  22. The Haywains - Bye Bye Boyfriend
  23. One Thousand Violins - Locked Out of the Love-In
  24. Dent May - Fun
One of two alternating dj mixes between myself and my old chum Ion Moe. Truth is, we started on this one, lost track of timings and before we knew it we'd gone way past the 1hr 20 limit for a CD mix. We then agreed to post one each on Zen Running Order. Ioe got in there first with his title and artwork, I followed a couple of days later with this...

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