Saturday, 4 December 2010

Good Clean Fun

  1. The Royalties - Music for Cooking With Gas
  2. El Guincho - Bombay
  3. John Lennon - Intuition
  4. Jeremy Messersmith - Lazy Bones
  5. Shonen Knife - Evil Birds
  6. Afternoon Naps - Beach Bums
  7. Alan Hull - Carousel
  8. The Liminanas - I'm Dead
  9. Mashmakhan - As The Years Go By
  10. Lawrence Arabia - Apple Pie Bed
  11. Brian Wilson - Nothing But Love
  12. The Explorers Club - Do You Love Me
  13. Tesco Chainstore Mascara - Writer's Block
  14. Pineapple - Wahow
  15. Coming Soon - School Trip Bus Crash
  16. Norma Sass - Born In The 80's
  17. Bonnie Hayes with the Wild Combo - Girls Like Me
  18. Desoto Reds - Tupper In The Fridge
  19. Shankar Family & Friends - Dream
  20. 1910 Fruitgum Company - One, Two, Three Red Light
  21. Generationals - Trust
  22. The Lovely Feathers - Frantic
  23. Jackson 5 - Love Comes In Different Flavors
  24. Ultrasport - Nothing Can Go Wrong
  25. Eternal Summers - Pogo
  26. Micachu & The Shapes - Golden Phone
An alt-dj mix with my favourite mixer in the whole world, Ion Moe! And our first for about three years. My, how time flies..

Notes from Ion - Leave it to Sammy G to lull me out of my overly long absence from ZeRO. Work, a new baby boy and obsessive personal grooming have kept me away for too long. It feels good to post again and be back amongst friends.

Anyway, a chance to do a mix with fellow pop lover Sammy is something I couldn't pass up. This charming man has exquisite taste in music, and it shows on this mix. It was a challenge to keep up with him. Does anyone want to venture a guess who was odds/evens? And the cover girl? The good, (squeaky) clean and fun Ava G.